Those Mythos books…

My players have gotten their hands on some Mythos books and naturally, they want to study them. However, the Call of Cthulhu rules is very unforgiving when it comes to reading and learning times. Most adventures will be over long ago when (and if) a player character ever manages to understand a book fully and even more so should she/he desire to learn a spell or two.

And looking at the many alternative book reading rules posted around the internet, I realize that I’m not the first one thinking about this.

Thinking back, even my players’ most veteran characters have not ever managed to fully read a Mythos tome or learn a spell and the difficulty in that department also made all those cool Mythos books take a back stand in our games.

Not anymore. These days I prefer a more pulpy style, with somewhat more capable investigators, so without much further ado I hereby present my alternative book reading rules for Call of Cthulhu 6th edition. Click the pic below or the LINK here to get to the PDF.

CoC 6e reading books house rules

I hope that someone gets some mileage out of it!




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